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The Michigan Environmental Health Association is pleased to announce w have been awarded a 2024 Food Safety Education Grant from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD).  With MDARD’s financial support, MEHA will be providing informative food protection training sessions during the 2024 Annual Education Conference (AEC)in march, funding 2024 AEC scholarships for food industry regulators, and providing regional MEHA affiliated mini grants for regional food training seminars.

MEHA members in good standing who primarily work in the food protection area are eligible to request training scholarships for the AEC.  Specific details are on the scholarship application form below.  All applications are due by February 12, 2024

Award winners will be contacted via email on February 16, 2024. Information about MEHA’s 2024 AEC is available on our website.

Application Form Reimbursement Form

Food Protection Training Grant

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has approved MEHA’s food protection training fund grant application for the past several years.  MEHA agrees to use the grant funds for Annual Education Conference food program scholarships and MEHA affiliate grants.

This grant continues the close collaboration between MDARD and MEHA to provide high quality food protection training in Michigan.  Since 2008, MEHA ha been awarded food safety education fund grants, over $100,000.  Approximately $46,000 has been used for AEC food program expenses, $52,000 for AEC food program scholarships, and $20,000 has been available for MEHA affiliates to fund regional food protection training programs

MEHA members who conduct food establishment evaluations are eligible for scholarships to attend the AEC food protection program.  Please visit the AEC and Events pages for more information on upcoming conferences.

MEHA Affiliate Grants

The purpose of the Grant and Training Fund Affiliate Grants is to provide money for environmental health educational opportunities that are organized and held regional by MEHA affiliate organizations.  The Grant and Training Fund Committee shall notify the MEHA affiliate of grant fund availability each year following the MEHA AEC.  The affiliate will be instructed to submit the Notice of Intent form to MEHA if the affiliate is planning a training seminar and anticipates applying for grant funding within the calendar year.  MEHA will budget the available grant funds based on the Notice of Intent responses received from the MEHA affiliates. MEHA may cap total award amounts in order to budget limited grant fund for distribution to multiple affiliates each year.  Funding availability is not guaranteed for affiliates when notices of intent are received late in the calendar year.

For the 2024 year:  The Fiscal year for the current MDARD Grant will be from October 1, 2023 - September 30, 2024.

Notice of Intent to Apply

MEHA Affiliate and Epi Ready Host Site Grant Application

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