Endowment Scholarships

Annual Endowment Scholarship

At the December 2010 meeting, the MEHA Board approved the Endowment Committee to begin soliciting applications for the MEHA Endowment Scholarship. In May 2015 the board increased the scholarship award to one $3,000 educational scholarship available each year. 

The MEHA Endowment Scholarship Award provides an opportunity for college students to help fund their college education while working toward a degree.  One $3,000 scholarship will be available annually to a qualifying applicant.

A completed application, official transcripts, letters of recommendation and essay must be received by the Endowment Committee before February 1st of each year. Scholarship recipients will be announced at the MEHA Annual Educational Conference.

  1. The applicant must be pursuing a degree in the Environmental Health profession.  Undergraduate applicants must have some core classes with an emphasis on soils, groundwater, wastewater, epidemiology, communicable disease, food service, sanitation and shelter.  Post-graduate degree applicants must be pursuing a degree that will further their professional career for the administration of Environmental or Public Health services or programs.
  2. The applicant may be a college student and currently have a sophomore, junior or senior status; or
  3. The applicant may be a college student and currently have a post-graduate status and be a current MEHA member in good standing.
  4. The applicant must be attending a Michigan college / university; or may be a Michigan resident attending an out of state school.
  5. The applicant must have a minimum 2.5 GPA and provide official transcripts.  These transcripts must be sealed and come directly from the college/university.
  6. The applicant must provide two letters of recommendation from faculty. Post-graduate degree applicants may provide one letter of recommendation from faculty and one letter of recommendation from an employer, supervisor or co-worker.
  7. The applicant must submit a written essay explaining how the environmental health profession is beneficial to the community.  The essay must be at least ½ page long (single spaced, 12 point font) but shall not exceed 3 pages.
  8. The applicant must complete the MEHA Endowment Scholarship Award Application form.
  9. All scholarship applications will be reviewed by the Endowment Committee and are subject to final approval by the MEHA Executive Board.  Priority will be granted to undergraduate applicants.

Mail completed application to:
Community & Neighborhood Services
c/o Tricia Dreier, Endowment Chair 
270 River Avenue
Holland, MI  49423
Phone 616-355-1339
Fax 616-546-7058
E-Mail tdreier@meha.net 

Annual Endowment Special Project Award

The MEHA Endowment Special Project Award provides an opportunity for a MEHA member to obtain money for a special project. Two $1,000 Project Awards will be available each year. All proposals will be reviewed by the Endowment Committee and are subject to final approval by the MEHA Executive Board. There is no application form for the Endowment Fund Special Project Award. To apply, submit a written scope of your project and how the award money will be used.

For more information contact Tricia Dreier, Endowment Committee Chair  

If you are looking for information regarding AEC Scholarships, please visit the Food Protection Scholarship page.

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